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1843 – The birth of the Tomadini pasta factory

In 1843, Angelo Tomadini established a bakery in Pordenone, which was at the time a small but thriving town. He soon added fresh pasta to his products, and then dried pasta a short time later.

Tomadini produced foodstuffs of the highest quality, quickly building up a large clientèle of satisfied customers. As the business grew, Tomadini opened a number of stores in Pordenone where he sold the products prepared in his main bakery in Via Della Motta.


1844 – 1920 Angelo was succeeded by his son, Arcangelo Tomadini who continued in his father’s footsteps with enthusiasm and dedication.

Between 1886 and 1924, the company was run by Antonio Tomadini, who died prematurely at just 37 years of age, leaving his wife Luigia and five children.

1924 – 1930

1924 Antonio’s widow, Luigia, together with their sons Arcangelo, Lorenzo, Gino and Giovanni continued with passion and great determination to run the family firm, which by now had grown into a major business.

In 1930, Tomadini acquired the building previously occupied by the San Marco paper mill, transforming it into a modern pasta-producing factory and installing new machinery for the production and essication of pasta products. The Tomadini family’s work ethos has always been based on an innate talent for keeping up with the times, and as well as installing the latest machinery, the factory even had a telephone (and the numbers – 5 and 6 – were among the very first in Pordenone).


By now, Tomadini’s pasta was distributed in the outlying areas beyond Pordenone, thanks to rapidly-improving transport vehicles and roads. Sales of Tomadini products grew steadily, and in 1944 Luigia inaugurated a pasta production plant in Rezzato (Brescia); here, too, the most modern technological machinery was installed in order to guarantee the company’s ever-growing clientèle the finest products.


In 1968, a new factory was built on the recently-completed ring road to the north of Pordenone, and during this period the company acquired further pasta production plants in Friuli and Veneto. By now, Tomadini had become the largest pasta firm in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. The well-known display shelves with the Tomadini logo are now to be found throughout the area, and the company’s pasta has become a daily part of the lives of a huge number of families in North-Eastern Italy. Tomadini continued to thrive, and the fifth generation – Angelo and Luigi – joined the company to work alongside their parents. This marked the start of a period of modernization and automation of production, which was concentrated in the Pordenone plant, while the remaining pasta factories in Friuli were closed. The plant in Rezzato (Brescia) was turned into a logistics and distribution centre.

1986 – 2019

In 1987, the multinational corporation Danone acquired the company, initiating a major initiative aimed at increasing production to international levels.

In 1998, Luigi Tomadini re-acquired the company, and to this day continues the work that his family had carried out for generations, bringing Tomadini’s pasta to tables throughout the country.

Luigi Tomadini